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A Certificate Course on Generic Counselling

Jointly organised by the Christian Centre for Gambling Rehabilitation (CCGR) and the Social Work Professional Practice Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Application Form: Download ¡@


¡@1. To equip the participants with knowledge and techniques in working
      with individuals, families and groups;
   2. To provide the participants an opportunity to work with the clients in
      fieldwork by integrating theories and skills learnt in lectures.

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Target Participants:

¡@This course is specifically designed for those who will enrol in the Intensive
   Course on Gambling Counseling.

¡@ ¡@


   Dr Wong Lai Kuen Irene, Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Social
   Sciences,The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.¡@

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Medium of Instruction:

¡@Chinese (Cantonese); teaching materials will be printed mainly in English.

¡@ ¡@


¡@Lectures, case discussion, role play, class exercises, VCD

¡@ ¡@

Course Length:

   40 Hours (including 3 days, 7 hours per day, of classroom training, and 19
   hours fieldwork, conducting a counselling session with a gambler or the
   spouse of a problem gambler, completing a peer review and an individual

¡@ ¡@

Course Dates:

   Wednesday 27 June to Friday 29 June 2007;
   Classes from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm. ¡@

¡@ ¡@

Course Fee:

   (A deposit of £50 to be paid upon confirmation of successful application.
   The deposit is not refundable. The balance must be paid by 2 April 2007 as
   required by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

¡@ ¡@


¡@Chinese Methodist Church, King’s Cross, London, UK

¡@ ¡@


¡@To be arranged within the 3 days’ training.

¡@ ¡@

¡@Certificate of Attendance:

   To be issued to those who have attended all the training sessions, and have
   fulfilled other course requirements (e.g. fieldwork and an evaluation report) ¡@

¡@ ¡@

Application Forms
and other details:

¡@available from Mr Peter Chan, CCGR, Tel. 020 7833 8626 or
   email: ccgr_pchan@yahoo.co.uk

¡@ ¡@

Closing date:

¡@Saturday 17 March 2007

An Intensive Course on Gambling Counselling - Please click here for more information about this course


Centre Manager¡GMr. Peter Chan ³¯¯P©ú¥ý¥Í
Address¡G58A Birkenhead Street, London WC1H 8BW, United Kingdom
Telephone¡G020 7833 8626
E-mail: admin@ccgr.org.uk