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We would like to specially thank church pastors, elders, brothers and sisters, and friends from all walks of life for their kind support and encouragement through their prayers and generous contributions.

Birmingham Chinese Evangelical Church

World Federation of Chinese Christian Restaurant Evangelism Fellowship

Doncaster Chinese Christian Church 

Essex Chinese Christian Church 

Leeds Chinese Christian Church

Chinese Church in London

Rhenish Church (UK)

Chinese Alliance Churches Union (UK)

Milton Keynes Chinese Christian Church

Oxford Chinese Christian Church

Cardiff Chinese Christian Church

Chinese Overseas Christian Mission

Chinese Evangelical Church in Edinburgh

Glasgow Chinese Christian Church

Chinese Christian Church of Lincoln

Chinese Congregation of the Methodist Church

South London Alliance Church

Manchester Chinese Christian Church

Northampton China Town Lions Club

Eglise Chretienne Missionnaire Chinoise de France

Swindon Chinese Christian Fellowship
Emmanuel Chinese Church


This is not an exhaustive list; please forgive us for any omission.





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Telephone: 020 7833 8626