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Strategies to tackle gambling

Money Management

  • Find a trustworthy relative or friend to help you manage your finance, acting as your financial manager (YFM). Let YFM allot your daily / weekly basic expenditure.

  • Avoid carrying cash, except for necessities.

  • Surrender your bank cards and/or chequebook to YFM for safekeeping.

  • If you receive your wages in cash, give it to YFM as soon as possible or authorise YFM to receive the salary instead of you.

  • Make arrangement with your bank to allow withdrawals by two signatures.

  • Discuss with YFM when you need extra money.

  • Seek out professional organisations to help with debt management.

Time Management

  • Arrange a structured timetable to avoid having long periods of idleness.

  • Report your whereabouts to a family member regularly when you are on your own.

  • Arrange beneficial and wholesome activities in your spare time, preferably accompanied by a family member or a friend.

Dealing with emotions

  • Listen to hymns, songs of praise or your favourite music.

  • Engage in healthy leisure activities.

  • Read the Bible, meditate and pray.

  • Talk things over and communicate with with a trusted relative or friend.

  • If necessary, seek help from your pastor or counsellor.

Stay away from triggers

  • Avoid things that attract you to gamble, such as gambling establishments, race betting tips, TV programmes and so on.

  • Decline invitations from friends to gamble; if necessary, break off the friendship.

  • Declare to your friends and colleagues that you have made up your mind to give up gambling.

  • Hand in "self exclusion" applications to gambling establishments.

The power of faith

  • Pray and seek help from God;

  • Pursue the biblical truth, carry around key verses to remind you to avoid gambling ;

  • Participate actively in church.

  • Participate in the Centre's fellowships on Monday and Tuesday.  Being an active member of a church and fellowship will give you access to support and care.

  • Read Christian-themed books and watch Christian-themed CDs, DVDs etc.

  • Volunteer at the Centre.

A Final Note

  • Alcohol and drugs may weaken your vigilance and easily drag you back to gambling again, so you should not engage in substance abuse.




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